Maluuba at ICML 2017 Sydney


 G'day Australia! The Maluuba team is heading down under to take part in the ICML 2017 conference. We look forward to sharing some insight into our recent work.

See us at the following:

  • Deep Learning 4: Learning to Learn “Learning Algorithms for Active Learning”, Monday, August 7th at 6PM
  • Workshop: Learning to Generate Natural Language
    “A Joint Model for Question Answering and Question Generation”, Thursday, August 10th
  • Workshop: “Achieving Above-Human Performance on Ms. Pac-Man by Reward Decomposition”, Thursday, August 10th


  • Adam Trischler, Research Manager
  • Harm van Seijen, Research Manager
  • Philip Bachman, Research Scientist
  • Alessandro Sordoni, Research Scientist
  • Jessica Mastronardi, Community Manager

We'll be hosting a booth at ICML from Sunday, August 6th to Thursday, August 10th, where you can meet members of our team, learn about our work and grab some sweet swag.


Maluuba is hiring Research Scientists, Applied Research Scientists, Engineers, Software Developers, Program managers and more. We’re tackling reasoning, decision-making and communication in machines through groundbreaking research. We’re focused on three core areas:

Machine Reading Comprehension

The MRC team works to build literate machines. We use deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques to train agents that seek information in unstructured text and reason about it to deliver answers to users.

Advanced Conversational Systems

Building a conversational agent involves solving many problems, from understanding natural language and decision making to generating natural language. Our goal is to build systems which are knowledgeable and that can exchange information with users to help users accomplish tasks or gain knowledge.

Reinforcement Learning

An intelligent machine should be able to make decisions and learn from environmental feedback similar to humans. At Maluuba, we do fundamental research in scalability of Reinforcement learning to allow machines to perform complex tasks in the real world.

Applied Research

This team builds state-of-the-art systems and models used in products by millions of people. Leveraging deep and reinforcement learning research and massive machine learning infrastructure, we work towards breakthrough innovations that achieve human-like language understanding across Machine Reading Comprehension and Dialogue Systems.

We’re based in Montreal, a global hub for AI research and one of North America’s most dynamic cities. If you’re interested in learning more about Maluuba, please come and see us at ICML.


Attending ICML? On Wednesday, August 9th, Maluuba invites you to join us for an evening cocktail on Darling Harbour at Cafe Del Mar during the ICML 2017 conference. Come meet our researchers and team, focused on creating literate machines. We look forward to an evening of food, drinks and conversation in Sydney! Click here for more info to RSVP

We’re based in Montreal, a global hub for AI research and one of North America’s most dynamic cities. If you’re interested in learning more about Maluuba Microsoft, contact Jessica Mastronardi, our Community Manager. See you in Sydney! 

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