Maluuba proud to partner with McGill's AI For Social Good Summer Lab


Maluuba is proud to be participating in the AI for Social Good Summer Lab. Run by McGill University's Innovation Lab and the Reasoning and Learning Lab, this program will teach technical concepts in machine learning, in addition to digital product development and design applied to a wicked social problem.

With a belief that AI research and product development needs to be more inclusive, the lab has been motivated to create opportunities for women to gain training, experience and mentorship in machine learning techniques and product development.

Sharing insight, expertise and perspective

Three team members from Maluuba have joined the Mentors program and look forward to taking part with the organisers and participants. 

  • Mo Musbah, Head of Maluuba product
  • Layla El Asri, Research Manager
  • Rahul Mehrotra, Product Manager

Maluuba will be actively involved through two workshops, covering the research and application of deep learning and artificial intelligence. We will also take part in the Hackathon, providing perspective to the participants and being on the judges panel. 

The lab runs from 5th to 30th June 2017 at McGill University. Learn more at the McGill AI for Social Good Summer Lab website.

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