Maluuba speaking at The AI Conference


Maluuba Product Manager, Rahul Mehrotra, has joined the speaker lineup at The Artificial Conference, taking place in San Francisco on June 2nd.

The Artificial Intelligence Conference is an annual event where leading AI researchers and top industry practitioners meet and collaborate. Produced by the creators of MLconf (Where Maluuba has twice spoken). The AI Conference will focus on emerging technology in Artificial Intelligence with a specific focus around projects, teams, and people who are working on Artificial General Intelligence and related topics.

Learn more about the event and register at the AI Conference website.


Building Literate Machines

Advances in AI research have led to great innovations based on image and voice recognition, and 2017 will see further advances in the field of language, including the creation of more literate machines—those that can comprehend and communicate with humans but also machines that begin to model innate human-like skills.

In this talk, Rahul Mehrotra will explore how advances in deep and reinforcement learning are being applied to solve language understanding problems. You will gain a deeper understanding of the research fundamentals as well as implications and opportunities that language understanding AI services will bring. Rahul will outline how researchers are seeking to equip machines with higher level cognitive skills like common-sense reasoning, information seeking, transfer learning, and decision-making.

He will explain how these capabilities are being applied in enterprise, using practical examples across a range of business functions. These use cases are transformative.

To give just one example, knowledge workers and employees would no longer need to desperately search through an organization’s directories, repositories, emails, and other channels to find a specific document. Instead, the employee would communicate with an AI agent leveraging machine comprehension capabilities. The agent would be capable of answering the question in a security-compliant manner by having a deep understanding of the contents of the organization’s documents instead of simply retrieving based on keywords.

The talk will provide audience with key takeaways on the underlying research as well as the current and future applications of using language understanding AI in enterprise.

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