Maluuba speaking at AI With the Best Conference


Adam Trischler, Maluuba Research Manager, has joined the line up of speakers for AI With the Best, the world’s leading online conference for AI researchers and developers.

Taking place on 29th and 30th April, 2017, the conference speakers include over 100 experts in machine learning, deep learning and applied AI. Adam will be speaking on 29th April at 12:20 PM ET.

Methods and Data for Machine Comprehension

Most human knowledge is recorded in the medium of text. As such, machine comprehension of text, at a near-human level, would enable transformative applications. In this talk I discuss recent progress in machine comprehension, focusing on (i) end-to-end neural architectures trained through deep and reinforcement learning techniques, and (ii) large-scale datasets for teaching machines to read and reason.

As an online conference, you can attend and take part from anywhere in the world. Registration information is available at the AI With the Best website.


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