Maluuba at NIPS 2016


¡Hola! A team of Maluuba people are heading to Barcelona to sponsor and take part in the Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NIPS).

We’re looking forward to taking part in workshops and tutorials as well as networking with our fellow colleagues. The following team members will be attending:

  • Adam Trischler, Senior Research Scientist
  • Phil Bachman, Senior Research Scientist
  • Layla El Asri, Research Scientist
  • Vikas Gosain, Hiring Manager

We’re hiring!

Maluuba has a number of opportunities for Research Scientists and Engineers in our research Lab. We’re tackling reasoning, decision-making and communication in machines through groundbreaking research. We’re focused on three core areas:


Machine Reading Comprehension

Our MRC team works to build literate machines. We’re using deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques to train agents that seek information in unstructured text and reason about it to deliver answers to users.

Advanced Conversational Systems

Building a conversational agent involves solving many problems, from understanding natural language and decision making to generating natural language. Our goal is to build systems which are knowledgeable and that can exchange information with users to help users accomplish tasks or gain knowledge.

Reinforcement Learning

An intelligent machine should be able to make decisions and learn from environmental feedback similar to humans. In contrast to supervised learning the agent does not require examples of correct or incorrect behaviour in reinforcement learning. Instead, it can improve its behaviour by itself by interacting with the environment and observing the rewards it gets for its actions.


We’re based in Montreal, a global hub for AI research and one of North America’s most dynamic cities. If you’re interested in learning more about Maluuba, please come and see us at our booth at NIPS or contact us.

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