Working at Maluuba


Maluuba’s vision is a world where intelligent machines help people bring about positive social and economic impacts. It’s a big vision. 

To get there we need smart, curious and talented individuals to join our team. We have a lot of openings in our Waterloo and Montreal offices so we sat down with Gayle Horyn who leads HR at Maluuba to find out what it’s like to work here.


Why would someone want to work at Maluuba?

Employees come to Maluuba because they want to solve hard problems. They come to learn, to grow and to contribute. They come to be a part of exciting technology and to help shape the future of Artificial Intelligence. They come to be disruptors.

Our culture is friendly and fast paced, highly motivated, collaborative and allows concepts to be turned into reality quickly.


A lot of Maluuba’s work is at the forefront of research into AI and developing practical, real-world applications. Employees here have a great opportunity to truly craft products, services and experiences of the future.

We offer a competitive compensation package, a comprehensive company-paid health and benefits plan, a generous vacation policy and various opportunities to share in our success.


What does Maluuba look for in potential employees?

We hire bright, innovative and passionate people who are ready to change the world. For some roles that’s enough; we can train them on the details. For other roles we are looking for experts in their field who are ready to hit the ground running.

We look for self starters who are ready to share their ideas and work to turn them into reality. We hire people who are willing and able to make a real contribution.

We look for people who are flexible and who thrive in a fast paced, collaborative environment.

Tell us about some of the fun stuff! Perks? Events? Learning?

We’re passionate about creating a culture that encourages and rewards creativity, innovation and collaboration. Working on cutting-edge research and unique product applications of new technologies often means being super focused on specific areas, working incredibly hard to complete projects and having a heads-down approach.

To keep people energized and challenged, we find opportunities for unique and fun individual and team development. This summer our Engineering team held an internal hackathon. It was a fun way to let team members blow off some creative steam, work with new people and test out different (sometimes crazy) ideas. The winning team was awarded a mini-break in Cuba!

We host regular events to help people unwind and try new experiences to drive creativity. In the last few months we’ve gone camping, apple picking, go-kart racing, tried our hardest to get out of escape rooms, and came together for barbecues and team dinners. We have more fun events planned for the fall!

We also participate in events like the Deep Learning Summer school, Tech Waterloo Region and BotsTO. These are great opportunities for team members to meet and learn from other people in the industry, showcase Maluuba and build networks.

Perks? Our kitchen is fully supplied with lots of food and drinks; we provide daily lunch and dinner for all employees. Plus we have snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

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