Blog Review 13june
August 05, 2013

June was a really exciting month for Maluubians. Just coming off the Hackathon, a bunch of us decided to go camping. It turned out to be a pretty epic adventure. Two days after camping was over, and the three hackathon winners were off to Cuba to celebrate their Hackathon win.

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Blog Canoe
July 17, 2013

Maluuba had an interesting and fun start to the summer. Following our Hackathon, 8 of us decided to embark on a camping adventure. Not just any camping adventure though, as the group had relatively little camping experience; most people had never...

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Blog Review 13aprmay
June 12, 2013

As our lack of blogging indicates - we’ve been crazy busy over here at the Maluuba office. With the sports and TV domains finally out the door, a full week hackathon and a trip to Cuba behind me, I can finally do a Maluuba Month in Review. We’ve...

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Blog Tv Sports
May 22, 2013

Maluuba is announcing two new big features this week. TV fans - you may rejoice, for Maluuba can now answer questions about when your favourite show is playing on TV or schedules of your favourite channels! Maluuba knows about TV listings for your...

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Blog Review 13mar
April 05, 2013

Summer is Coming

Maluubians are glad to be done with the month of March. The weather in Canada during March is terrible; there were so many snow falls and flash freezes that made driving to work a pain for much of the month. Our product was also...

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Blog Review 13feb
March 13, 2013

And The Oscar Goes To...

Admittedly, I’m a bit late in writing the February Month in Review. The reason is we’ve been pushing hard on several huge projects that are sure to excite our users! We enjoyed watching The Oscars to see how Maluuba...

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Maluuba, a voice recognition app. #MobileAppsCES #CES2014
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RT @Syaquan: Maluuba is what comes next, Voice recognition software which is supposed to better than Siri #MobileAppsCES…
over 1 year ago
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RT @Syaquan: Maluuba looks to be really interesting!! Awesome show folks! #MobileAppsCES
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any of you using Google Now, Apple Siri, Dragon Mobile Assistant, Maluuba, Indigo, Sherpa,Speaktoit Assistant or Jeannie on a regular basis?
over 1 year ago
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RT @coolharsh55: any of you using Google Now, Apple Siri, Dragon Mobile Assistant, Maluuba, Indigo, Sherpa,Speaktoit Assistant or Jeannie...
over 1 year ago